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We All Love Beautiful Things


I’m not talking about the subjective “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” stuff. We love objectively beautiful things. They inspire us; they make us stop, breathe deeply and appreciate life itself. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing, like the colors on a flower petal, that brings this moment to fruition. Other times it can be a large and complicated masterpiece. Regardless of where we find beauty, we know it when we see it and we know that we desire more beauty in this world.


A Desire To Help The Little Guy


Magicbird Creative was started out of this same desire. Cody and I have discussed for years how ugly some websites, brands, or graphics are, especially in American churches. But we also understand why. We recognized that many churches can’t afford to even get a quote from a marketing firm, much less hire a graphic designer. Those that could afford a marketing team had horrible experiences and were afraid of being taken advantage of. All the while, they needed websites, flyers, logos and more.


Soon enough, the need began to eclipse the desire of good aesthetics and anyone who could provide those services, regardless of skill, would create what they desired. In the end, churches suffered as visual ugliness was overshadowing a beautiful message. The more we looked at this twisted system, the more we recognized that it wasn’t just churches got in this loop, but local businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Cody and I recognized that the whole creative system was slanted to work against these groups, who we began to collectively refer to as “the little guy.”


Designing A Solution To A Serious Problem


It’s one thing to talk about a problem and a completely different thing to solve it. We’ve talked about this problem since our days in college, but now was the time to act on a solution. And there were many solutions. We could try to get jobs at churches, but that meant that we would have to leave our own church, friends, and family. We could do freelance work, but it isn’t stable enough to provide for a family. However, one of us had done freelance work before, and we usually used each other as a critiquing guide for work in the past. Our design philosophies were discussed and shared between us. Needless to say, coming together to form a firm was a no-brainer. However, we found out that the rest of the journey would require a lot more thought.


We soon discovered the hardest thing about starting a business is deciding exactly what kind of business we would be. Are we a graphic design firm or a website design agency? What about branding? Are we an agency or a firm? Is there a difference? Which sounds better? Questions surrounded the deep waters we were diving into as young entrepreneurs. Taking a step back, we began to look more at our skills and desires. I have more of a branding and graphic design focus while Cody has a gift for designing websites and videography.


With both having experience in marketing and many other creative skills, we were pleasantly surprised to see that together we covered the majority of what most little guys need for marketing and branding. We began to feel like we really could make this business succeed.


Setting Magicbird Apart


Then the real questions began. What will make us different? How will we actually help the little guy? How can we keep from taking advantage of them? As we did our research, we didn’t find much about keeping prices low and maintaining integrity with clients. After nights of futile research, we accepted the fact we would need to write our whole design philosophy from scratch. It was a grueling process, but we wrote what we believe good design is, and how we are to reflect it. We included thoughts on clients and how to work with each other.


After finishing our philosophy, it was clear that we believe that the creative skills that we have should be used to bring people together and help others, not to build ourselves up. As a for-profit business, our goal is to make money, but not to make a ton of it, but to help others. This thought alone has drastically changed our pricing, severely lowering it. In fact, we have heard consistently that we need to raise our prices, because they are well below the industry standard. However, we didn’t start this company to be just another name in the industry.


Changing Our Focus


We started this company believing that people are learners. The phrase “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime,” comes to mind as we interact with our clients. Everything we do, we intentionally share with our clients in such a way that they can understand. Magicbird is pushing social media coaching instead of management because we believe with the right training, anyone can manage their social media properly. We started writing podcasts to explain key information to know so our clients don’t get taken advantage of by others and so that they can continue to grow their businesses. We’re currently working on video content so that business owners and creatives alike can learn how to work together in such a way that creates unity rather than frustration. And we want to do more. 


This mentality changed our relationship with our clients. While some firms and agencies will make their clients completely dependent on them for certain services, most of our clients enjoy the fact that we put the power back in their hands. By working with us, they can run their own powerful digital marketing strategies.


For those who really need someone to manage their marketing, we happily provide those services. In fact, we find that many of our clients are more willing for us to manage their social media and brand knowing that we manage their content in such a way that we can easily hand it over to them if they need us to. It’s a very different relationship to have with our clients, but it’s working.


A Design Firm You Can Trust.


People now know that there is a design firm that they can trust, who won’t just suddenly raise prices for no reason, who don’t work in the dark or use questionable methods. Our community is beginning to recognize that we are not only based in Lafayette, but want to see our city flourish into something more beautiful. We believe that beautiful design is objective, and that it can be held and appreciated by all. We know that creativity belongs to the masses, regardless of your budget or team. So we aspire to be more than designers, but teachers and servants who change how we currently view creative resources. Most importantly, we believe that the little guy needs a creative person in their corner, and that’s us.


We are Magicbird Creative, and we’re here to help.

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