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In October, Dropbox announced a new brand for themselves. And other than a few advertising and technology news outlets, the world didn’t blink an eye. It may seem strange as to why a cloud storage service would rebrand. Part of us agrees that it was sudden, and very unexpected. It’s clear that Dropbox is headed in a very new direction. Take a look at the launch video:



Why Should Dropbox Rebrand?


We were introduced to Dropbox in 2007, when the phrase “the cloud” was ominous. No one knew what it really meant. Now, a decade later, all kinds of people use dropbox every day. It has become the face of collaboration (aside from Google Drive). There have been projects done where people say without a collaboration platform like Dropbox, it wouldn’t have been possible. But in 2017, Dropbox isn’t the only cloud based storage and collaboration platform on the internet, and they could easily find themselves fading into becoming obsolete. It may sound dramatic, but this isn’t the first company to have this happen. Look at Yahoo search,, Bing, Infoseek, AskJeeves, and any other internet search engine that you can think of. There were (and still are) plenty of different search engines out there, but they all stand in the shadow of a giant: Google.


Now that Google Drive has also become a name in the cloud-based storage game, they must be blind not to see the darkness closing around their little box.

“At Dropbox, we had for a long time had this quite differentiated, thoughtful, authentic perspective on modern work and our optimistic belief that there is a better way. … We play in an increasingly crowded and competitive category,” said Dropbox CMO Carolyn Feinstein. “It’s really important for us to be able to carve out a unique positioning that feels really true to who we are and true to the impact we want to have in the world.”

What Is This Creative Energy?


That’s a pretty good question. If they is harnessing this energy for something else (like world domination), we have no idea. But on the side of branding, we love the idea of “The World Needs Your Creative Energy.” It’s so vague that anything will work. It also lends itself to abstract ideas and colors, which works in the pop-culture found in the transition of 2017 to 2018.


Why target creatives? Dropbox loves creative people for one simple reason: they will always create. They are positioning themselves in a niche that will never dry up. Songs will always need to be written; videos will need to be produced; graphics will always need to be made. And as long as we are still making things, we will need to work together. Dropbox wants to be the connector for creativity, and we’re here for it.


What Now?


In the future, you can expect more changes from Dropbox. Don’t fret, they’ll be subtle for the most part. They have already updated their app and user interface, but we can expect more collaboration-heavy features and media tie-ins that will work with even more file types. If you work with a lot of media, graphics, and more keep an eye out for what Dropbox is doing next.


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