iPhone X: Your New Best Friend

Show the world who you are and what you stand for

With the new iPhone X released with a ton of user interface issues, we take some time to highlight that was done well: the marketing. Apple has always led the way when it comes to advertising. From the infamous “1984 won’t be like ‘1984’” commercial to the iPod silhouette campaign created by the genius minds Chiat/Day, they are always changing how we can view new technology. Apple has consistently promised that their technology will change our lives, and it has.


Apple has ushered in the age of the modern smartphone, led the revolt against the age of CDs, introduced the world to the concept of a Smart TV, encouraged total synchronization between devices, and so much more. Regardless if you use any Apple products, their influence on your life as a consumer is larger than most companies can even dream of reaching. How have they done it? By advertising.


Apple is not a giant of innovation, they are a giant of marketing and sales. Take a look at the 1984 commercial below.



This commercial signified the beginning of a new era. Notice that this commercial doesn’t even have the product in it. That’s because Apple has always sold more than just their product. They sold the future, and it took the world by storm.


We see the same thing with the iPhone X. Instead of selling a piece of technology loaded with features (which they do highlight), they sell a personal piece of tech built on relationships.



In this launch commercial, they do cover specs (which matters a lot more now that it used to), but it is all about having a phone that you get to meet, like meeting a cool new friend. In fact, the iPhone X is your new cool friend. But why sell it as a friend? A few companies are started to learn a lesson that Apple figured out a few years ago. People don’t care about innovation nearly as much as everyone thinks.


Many of the specs listed even in the iPhone commercial mean nothing to most customers; it just sounds really impressive. What will always matter to people is usability and results. Customers don’t want to hear about what it can do, they want to see it do it. Knowing that Apple will make sure that they highlight the coolest feature that they have, regardless of how practical it is. This is where the Animoji comes in.


The Animoji is the equivalent of your childhood friend being able to do a backflip. At first, it’s really cool, and you want everyone to say it. But after a while, you don’t ask them to do backflips anymore; you become more focused on the essentials of your friendship. The iPhone is the same way. As you meet your new best friend, they show you that they are trustworthy, capable, and reliable. But at the same time, it has some cool tricks too.


In an age of innovation, Apple has gone personally. You can expect more companies to do the same as time goes on. But as usual, we will be able to credit another change in technology to Apple.


Want to create an earth-shattering advertisement like 1984? Let’s make it happen. 

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