Creativity: You’re Probably Not Creative Either

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Begin your plunge into the world of creativity with Evan and Shirah as the explain exactly what creativity is. Shirah is a young art teacher getting into the world of design and freelancing. As a teacher, she hears a lot of parents insist that their children are creative. And while they are convinced that their children are the next Picasso, does that mean that they are actually creative?


In this episode, we define creativity and separate it from other technical skills like drawing and painting. Hear how creativity relates to fields outside of the arts and how to you can use creativity in your everyday businesses.


Time Outline


1:45 : Are children really creative?
4:00 : Creativity vs artistic skills
6:00 : Lateral Thinking and defining creativity
10:30 : Creativity in Business


Books In This Episode:


Lateral Thinking by Edward De Bono 

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