How to use Social Media


Social media is an inevitable aspect of modern society. When used correctly, it can boost your reach and attract clients. Your entire reputation as a company rests on social media. It is people’s first impression of you as a company and their reactions matter. You have to be aware of the type of content you put out and where you are putting it. You must know your audience and how they are going to perceive the information. To accomplish all of this, you must know how to work the aspects of social media that your company is going to utilize. For most companies, these social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram because they allow your clients and target audience to view the actions of the company and to gain more personal information about the company.


Social Media Don’ts


In order to use social media properly, you need to understand how NOT to use it. These will not attract clients and will turn your target audience away from you.


Don’t take social media for granted. This seems like a generic statement, but it holds a lot of weight in it. It’s the rule that all others following fall under. This falls with having good morals online, don’t bother others and they generally won’t give you too much trouble.


Don’t hassle your followers. Don’t allow those with negative reactions get to you and let it show publicly. This is not conducive to managing a respectable business. It turns people away from you because of direct negative contact. The goal of using social media is to make friends, not establish enemies. Don’t misuse it, it’ll paint your company in a bad light.


Don’t leave the people behind the company anonymous. Let your followers get to know the people behind the camera and running the platform. It lets your followers feel included in the company.


Don’t abuse hashtags. This is not to say don’t use them at all, just use them in moderation. If you overuse them, Instagram will see your post as spam and will have it removed. Using hashtags in moderation will make your post easier to find for people that don’t follow you or have yet to hear of you.


Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. This is important because it tests your limits as a business. You must know your limits before offering anything on social media. Don’t offer a discount that you cannot afford to go through. If you offer something you cannot follow through with, it disappoints and aggravates your followers and will keep them from listening to you in the future.


Social Media Do’s


These things will help better your business and boost ratings and reputation on social media.


Use captions to grab their attention. Ask who, what, when, where, how questions that invoke the interest of your followers. For example, ask what everybody’s doing this weekend is you are having an event at that time. Capture their attention by appealing to emotion. Be direct in writing your captions, you have limited space in which to get your point across, use it wisely. Use numbers when you can, people tend to be more attracted to titles with numbers and enjoy statistics.


Use interesting images. Social media is a very visually-oriented way of putting yourself out there, so be tasteful in appealing to the masses. The images should be focused on one subject only, more than one and you lose your point. Keep captions simple and their main focus on the picture.


Make content accessible to people on a variety of devices. Most people use mobile internet. Mobile internet is the central hub for using social media, it simply is the age we live in. Know how your users are viewing what you’re putting out there, by phone or computer. Remember, your reputation is fragile and always open to scrutiny from those following.


Remember these 4 things when using social media platforms:


1. Be approachable to outsiders and those unfamiliar with what services you can offer them.


2. Don’t put on a façade for your company. Show who you really are.


3. Post what is useful, not what can harm your business.


4. Don’t put something out there that could embarrass you. Protect your reputation.

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