Body In Motion


Body in Motion Chiropractic and Rehab, located in the heart of Eufaula, Oklahoma, is owned and operated by Dr. James Hickman.

Body in Motion had invested money in a sign that they weren’t happy with at all. We asked Dr. Hickman why, and it became pretty apparent that he was unhappy with the logo he had designed a few years before, not just the sign.

He explained that the ‘O’ at the beginning of his former logo confused his older clientele, who read it as “O Body in Motion.” He also explained that the lack of uppercase letters was a turnoff for these patients as well. Dr. Hickman wanted a simple refresh of his logo, instead of a full redesign to maintain consistency.

Magicbird drafted up a few typeface options for him, and he selected Proxima Nova, a conservative, but clean font. We used the same blue color and circle from the old logo and added proper capitalization. Finally, we gave him two more logo variations: a circle watermark with just initials and one with “Chiropractic & Rehab” for his letterhead.

Now, Dr. Hickman has a fresh, modern, yet conservative logo that is easily understood by both young and older patients.

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July 13, 2015

  • Logo Design
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