Christ Church


Christ Church is a multi-ethnic church located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Their desire is to see Christ followed in all of aspects of life in Acadiana. This monumental vision provided the perfect opportunity to partner with Magicbird.

Christ Church’s website was an antiquated design on a Squarespace platform that communicated essential information, but did not support their new mission and vision. We recommended moving the website to a new WordPress platform that allowed them to build a strong website and easily grow and change the site as needed.

To build a new website, we first needed to capture their vision statement:

Christ Church is a distinctly biblical, ever multiplying, economically and ethnically diverse, covenantal community…calling Acadiana to follow all of Christ in all of life.

Following their vision, and after hearing so much from their staff about how scripture is the lens through which they view the world, we decided to build a visual style of color and gradient overlays. This wasn’t a brand for bold primary colors, but many muted secondary and tertiary colors to convey a message of community and support, not to call attention to. Faded blues, greys, orange, and purples all played off of each other, inspiring the gradient overlay found on the website.

As we began to build the website, we found a limitation: they had few high-resolution photos. Christ Church did not have the resources of larger churches, so we ran into the challenge of wanting to reflect the diversity of the church with high-quality images at little to no cost. Instagram became the apparent solution. We searched through their hashtag #wearechristchurch to explore people’s perspective of the church and portray its ethnic diversity. These images were captured and tiled together to create a collage on the home page.

In the end, we developed a website that captures all that Christ Church is and will be as they continue to grow.

To learn more about Christ Church, visit them at


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July 8, 2015

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