We’ll never forget our first client, originally called Biblical Theology for People of Color. We heard about them on Facebook and reached out. We discovered their passion for writing about biblical truths; they just needed a beautiful platform for them to write on.

We approached this project from two sides. First, we created a logo for Biblical Theology for People of Color. But to do that, we recommended a new name, something that would convey their vision and mission. After some deliberation, they agreed on the name Kaleoscope, an instrument that uses multicolored material to create various patterns and images.

With a new name, Evan dived into the first level of sketches. Kaleoscope wanted a design that tied them to the history of the Protestant Church and the timeless application of scripture to modern issues in culture. We needed to meld traditional with contemporary to create a timeless yet relevant logo. At the same time, we needed to celebrate the diversity of the organization and their audience.

While Evan worked on the logo, Cody redesigned their website. Kaleoscope’s original website was on WordPress.com, but due to technical issues, we moved the website to WordPress.org, which meant moving all previous articles. The website was given a header image, reflecting the diversity of the colors with a traditional church feel.

As we continued working on the logo, we chose a round design that reflected a kaleidoscope and used varying designs found in stained glass, but with an abstract approach. We also used colors found in international cultures.

By paying attention to our client’s specific niche, we developed a logo that represented a strong history while also acknowledging our current culture and created a strong website quickly delivers their content.

To experience Kaleoscope’s new website, visit kaleoscope.org


July 13, 2015

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