ReHive is a new real estate brokerage in Lafayette, Louisiana. This isn’t your typical real estate brokerage firm. It is a real-estate tech start-up that allows you to list your home from your couch.

We were pretty excited about getting involved before they went public. Joining their team early removed creative limits, ensuring their brand was properly established for growth.

Rehive already had a logo, so we worked with them on how to use it. Coming from the traditional world of real estate, they knew they needed to do things differently, but weren’t sure which changes to make. We looked at their logo and other online based services (such as Esurance, Lyft, and Redfin) and felt a flat design style would convey the modern simplicity of their message.

We then worked on messaging. We didn’t want ReHive to be passive, but we also didn’t want them to beat other real estate agents over the head. We agreed on a few phrases such as “Don’t be a six percenter,” referring to the 6% standard commission rate that brokerages receive on sales.

By developing a modern, simple visual style and clear, concise messaging, we helped ReHive establish themselves as a better way to do real estate.

To learn more about ReHive, click here.


July 13, 2015

  • Website Design
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