Benefits of Creating 2D digital art using ProCreate

          Procreate is essentially one of the best drawing apps in the marketplace. It’s has a great user interface. You can edit, sketch, and paint using a multitude of paint brushes. ProCreate also comes with a bunch of great brushes and textures. ProCreate is very similar to Photoshop, honestly, I think it’s a better software to create digital art. ProCreate is exclusive only to the iPad Pro. ProCreate is available for $10, which is easily obtainable.
          Procreate comes with 64-bit color, custom brushes, and it works with layers just like Photoshop. ProCreate starts you off with 130 free brushes. ProCreate offers a built-in Timelapse feature, that allows you to watch from start to finish your drawing process. The layers in ProCreate allow for a non-destructive editing. ProCreate has 17 blending modes in ProCreate’s layers. ProCreate also works well with photoshop files (PSD). You can download files from your Dropbox and work between both Photoshop and ProCreate. ProCreate also has great tools like liquify, blur, and layer adjustments. ProCreate also breaks up your brushes into specific categories, like airbrush, textures, abstract, etc. One unfortunate fact about ProCreate is it only allows 40 layers per drawing. Overall ProCreate is a great all-around app, for creating beautiful works of art and it’s also very cheap.
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