Experience VS. The Experience inside School.

The experience that you get inside of the classroom is just that, the inside of a classroom what you’ve been seeing for approximately 12 grade years of school. Some universities give you hands on experience, but that’s most likely once a semester. Normally in college the student is trying to be the top grade in that class, so they will isolate themselves in a library just to get that grade which really has no application in the real world. Experience in the marketing world will give you experience dealing with other people, with other clients people that you work for, how to do certain things that clients will ask you instead of write a paper about it, and interest in your future career.

Real world networking VS. classroom networking.

It does depend on the school, but events with real business professionals won’t happen as often as it will in the real world. Then people will be more fake with a college student than with a real professional, or someone who portrays themself as a professional.

Real client work VS. simulations or games.

Many classrooms use game simulations now to portray a real marketing environment. Games aren’t enough to prepare you for real client work. They basically give you the work, and you just pick what the game advertisers for you. You don’t have any real world application of going out and talking to other business professionals about your company trying to get them to advertise you. The game just does it for you. With real client work you are given a schedule, then expected to turn in your work on time. This isn’t school anymore where you can turn in something late, and hope that you can get at least a B on it.


Textbook, VS. The Real World.

In the real world you meet with clients to talk about future planning, about personas and the target audience. While in class you would learn about all those things from a textbook. Which there really is no application to use in the real world. The teachers dont make the students go around the classroom shaking hands, and making small talk with all the people in your class. Therefore you don’t become really good at learning the people in your buisiness circle which is what marketing classes should do, but you sit and learn from a textbook, like you have done in every other class.

The Importance of Marketing.

Marketing is important whether you’re learning from it in the classroom or doing it in real life. Marketing is important for businesses to thrive for awareness from people who want to be consumers. Also for large businesses and for every single company because every single company is a business and should have brand awareness or just awareness of what they sell as a product.

What is this?

This is not an article telling you that you should quit college. This is an article more so telling you that you should find a way to get experience in your field, whether that’s through an internship just interviewing at other places. If you want to go solo into the marketing business, or if you are going for your Masters in marketing and really seeing what’s out there. This is more of an article that’s letting you know what students are learning and, how they can apply it into the real world. If you are interested in marketing I would strongly advise starting off with some real-world experience rather than going into a classroom and sitting being lectured to out of a textbook , because if you don’t like it you can say that you didn’t waste money sitting in the classroom.
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