Music plays an important role in your life rather you know it or not. Music is everywhere you go, essentially, from the sirens of trucks to the chirping of birds. Which has the power to either annoy you, or soothe your soul. How is this music you ask, this sound is known as ambiance. Ambiance is a genre of music that emphasizes tone and atmosphere over traditional musical structure or rhythm.

Music helps your mental wellbeing and boost your physical health. Music can also dictate your mood, or cater to the mood your currently in. Uptempo songs usually can put you in a variety of different moods, they usually make you happier and may even make you want to dance or workout. If you work out a lot, you’re probably no stranger to listen to music in the gym or while you run. Music enhances your running performance and lifting your performance. Some may say people who listen to uptempo songs while running finish quicker, than others who listen to mellow tracks while running.

Music also is known as a stress reliever. If you’re ever stressed out try putting on one of your favorite songs, watch how your mood changes. Music also helps people relate with one another. Music tells a story and displays someone’s else’s point of view. Music can help you get through difficult times of your life, knowing you’re not alone can make all the difference in the world. “Listening to music can decrease levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Studies showed that people’s immune systems were boosted when they actively participated in making music by playing various percussion instruments and singing.”

Have you ever had a hard time going to sleep? Try listening to music to relax you and help you go to sleep. Music helps you sleep better. “A study showed that students who listened to relaxing music for 45 minutes before bedtime slept significantly better than those who slept with an audio book or listened to nothing at all.” I find that when I listen to music it helps me also remember what song I was listening to better, and I wake up in a good mood.

Music reduces Depression, just knowing someone out there can relate to your struggle is heartwarming and lets you know you’re not alone. “Over 350 million people across the world suffer from depression and 90% of them also experience insomnia. Sleep research found that symptoms of depression, decreased largely with those who listened to music they can relate to.”

Have you ever been tired on your drive home from your daily commute from work or school? Well you should listen to music, it can wake you up and elevate your mood while driving. Music helps you concentrate better while driving. Music can also strength your learning ability and memory. Have you ever wondered why, you can remember an entire 16bar verse from your favorite artist; but can’t remember any of the answers to your test? “Researchers have found that music can help you learn and recall information better. Participants who were musicians learned better with neutral music and tasted better with positive music, whereas non-musicians learned better with positive music and tested better with neutral music.”

Overall music has wonderful role in our everyday life’s. Music help people cope with the difficulties of life. Music is an important role for any social gathering and the right track can really set the mood. Music is probably one of the most powerful tools known to man, because music influences everything you do. Also music is subjective, so never be ashamed to of what you enjoy jamming out to.

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